Cambridge Cracker on YouTube: Eyes On Alconbury! (Mill Road Bridge Decision) 23mins
Talking To Mill Road Traders 9/2/23 1.5mins
Cambridge Independent 18-24 Oct 2023
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Cambridge Independent 13-18 July 2023
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Friends of Mill Road Bridge
A constituted community group Cambridge UK
Tel. 01223 485110
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Updated: 30 Oct 2023 Website: Fantasia & Friends The FoMRB committee is acting independently of any other group, association or party, 
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 current members or 
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 The GCP and County Council want us to drive a long way to avoid the £70 fine, 
which just creates congestion on Coleridge Road, Coldham's Lane, Devonshire Road...
Mill Road only has moderate traffic now, except maybe twice a day during school terms.
We feel this 'toll' is a cynical money grab disguised as 'green' and 'active travel'. Where this case leads, will influence freedom of movement in our city. Coldham's Lane Bridge might be next, even Hills Road after that... it's happening fast! NEW: FOMRB's INTERIM INJUNCTION APPLICATION 
against starting bus gate works on the Bridge till final Court decision re quash– 
 Court date: 11 October 2023 at High Court in London
BRIDGE OPEN! So far, since March 2023, Friends of Mill Road Bridge 
 delayed the implementation of the 
TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) to add a bus gate, 
but we want to see the TRO quashed entirely. So we launched a statutory review in July 2023 
against the Cambridgeshire County Council. NOW WE NEED 
YOUR HELP. We feel that reasons given for the June 2023 Traffic Regulation Order 'closing' the Bridge, only disguise a grab for money by local authorities. Residents, workers and traders all across the county need to be able to drive over the Bridge without incurring £70 fines! Train station, carers, hospital visits – the vital local needs filled quickly by free Bridge access are as many as there are individual lives inside –and outside– Cambridge. Re-routing drivers to Coldham’s Lane, Devonshire Road, Coleridge Road and Hills Road will only snarl up traffic nearby, causing needless pollution and huge time-wasting. Local traders will suffer 20+% losses in turnover, as in previous Bridge closures. Some will be forced to cease trading because of this last-straw blow to revenues. Please don't sit by and let this happen to us all! 
Join us by writing to your County Councillors, newspapers, and by alerting others, both online and in person. Thank you all.
FoMRB Chair Pam Wesson About us: Friends of Mill Road Bridge is a four-person volunteer team dedicated to keeping the Bridge open on
Mill Road, a major transport artery in Cambridge, UK. We are an official Community Group with a constitution and bank account and we have hundreds of supporters on Facebook at Friends of Mill Road Bridge, Mill Road Community & Traders and other groups. 
Join us and keep up with our news!
Donor: 'Closing Mill Road bridge will simply increase pollution. Cars will have to drive further to reach their destination and daily queues will sit on Cherry Hinton Road and Coldham's Lane with cars emitting exhaust without even moving.' Donor and FB group member: 'I am glad to see the biased and unrepresentative consultation challenged. It is just one of many being railroaded into our city.' FB group member: 'I care for my elderly parents who live on St Barnabas Rd so the (Bridge) closure will be an utter nightmare for me. I'm time restricted because of caring for parents, working freelance and being a mum but if you think I can help... let me know.' Uncommon Sense wrote: (in a Comment to the news story at right, tap here for complete text) – 'A rare good news story about Mill Road traffic schemes. Go for it, FoMRB.'
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